A caleidoscope of bright and shiny colours and a multitude of formats and shades; these hand-formed and hand-glazed terracotta tiles adorn bathrooms, kitchens and even floors to give the room its personal aura. 

The basis of the tile is wood-fired clay from our kilns's own quarries; due to the manual design, the tile has rounded corners and light colour nuances as a result of manual enamelling, so that any original design is possible. Glazed terracotta is still being produced using traditional techniques and is therefore very elegantly applicable for classic, modern or rustic applications, enhancing the spaciousness and brightness of the room. 

The decorations often are replicates of ancient (Mediterranean) wall tiling but more contemporary designs and mosaics are also available.

Tailormade or by design of our producer, the hand crafted terracotta mosaics are available in any design, decoration or colour.