True craftmanship is hard to find these days. Especially when it comes to hand crafted products, made from natural en environmental friendly materials. Dating back to the twelfth century, the fine art of hand crafted terracotta made from rich and colourful Italian clay and produced by small, local kilns, has evolved its trade into the production of magnificent products for modern, artistic in- and exterior decorating. 

The tradition of manually producing terracotta goes back centuries; most of our fornaces are descendants of the first terracotta producing families in the Castel Viscardo, Tuscany and Impruneta region.

Starting off with the production of terracotta barrels for the storage of olive oil and pots to grow olive trees in order to meet the growing demand for olive oil, our terracotta producing families have followed and perfected the ancient traditions of the production of hand crafted terracotta.

The expensive oil was requested by the royal and religious powers of those days; monasteries and kings surrounding themselves with the best riches of the earth, competing for worldly power by means of richly decorated buildings.

A new opportunity for the terracotta producing families, who started to dedicate their small furnaces to the manual production of building materials such as roof tiles and floor tiling.

Using traditional techniques for producing tiling and pottery, our kilns have obtained amazing skills with regards to using the right compounds for mixing various sorts of clay (i.e. to achieve the right colour) and the use of tools. Drying and baking processes are strictly bound to specific procedures to ensure the right colour, hardness and -of course:- frost resistancy. But our kilns’ creativity reaches even further; after the extensive process of hand creating their beautiful products, our kilns enhance that beauty with colourful designs of their own, or even custom-made.