Terrecotte Europe specialize in providing highly qualitative handmade terracotta wall and floor tiling, building materials for renovation and restoration and pottery from a selective number of Italian and Spanish producers, who have a long history of producing outstanding handmade terracotta. Being a natural material, terracotta and its wonderfully charming look creates joyful living and is available in various colours and finishes to suit your taste. We happily invite consumers, architects and designers to enjoy our products in their designs. We are dedicated to contributing to the architectural and designing process by presentation of designs, applications, samples and information on installation and maintenance of our products. All our products meet the required standards.


GLASS TILES From wall to flooring; these contemporary glass tiles truly perfect any interior. Several designs are available in various colours.

GLASS MOSAICS Available in 7 colour blends, this glossy glass mosaic combines (milk) glass and metal into a wonderful eyecatcher. Our producer’s creativity in glass mosaics is endless; a diversity of materials such as 3D glass, crystal glass, metal glass, stone and porcelain are available in several exclusive designs.

GLASS & DURASTONE BLENDS Durastone is an environmentally friendly product when compared to other porcelain tiles in the market. DURASTONE consists of two very distinctive layers of clay pressed together and fired at a high temperature to form one solid full body porcelain tile. The thin top layer, which makes up the true colour and surface finish of the tile requires less additives and colourpigment and the main remaining tile body is made from neutral clay allowing recycled or broken tiles to be added to the mix. Available in 6 colour blends with a mesh backing to enable a smooth lay out.