Made by hand the terracotta tiles with their shadowy glow provide a warm and welcoming appearance, can be laid in various patterns to enhance the visual effect thus creating a more spacious look. Both for indoor as wel as outdoor application, a wide variety is available in hand crafted as well as machine made terracotta.

Due to the typical nuances of wood-baking and uneven surface of the tile, the floor has a natural appearance and the tile is pleasant to touch. Various finishes will provide the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor, but either way these natural terracotta floors last a lifetime and are suitable for interior and exterior floors. The tiles have a high resistance to wear, to changes of temperature and provide considerable thermal comfort. Sandblasted and baked at 1000C for 30 hours, the tiles are guaranteed slip-resistant, frost and stain resistant and water repellent. The majority of our terracotta tiles are available in various sizes, finishes to provide the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor and colours (dough  mixes red - rosa(to) and yellow - giallo); other colours such as black (nero) and white (bianco) are also available.