Terrecotte Europe specialize in providing highly qualitative handmade terracotta wall and floor tiling, building materials for renovation and restoration and pottery from a selective number of Italian and Spanish producers, who have a long history of producing outstanding handmade terracotta. Being a natural material, terracotta and its wonderfully charming look creates joyful living and is available in various colours and finishes to suit your taste. We happily invite consumers, architects and designers to enjoy our products in their designs. We are dedicated to contributing to the architectural and designing process by presentation of designs, applications, samples and information on installation and maintenance of our products. All our products meet the required standards. Terrecotte Europe - Naturally dedicated


Top carrousel:

C-HM-Lisciato Mattone Giallo-Be-YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Lisciato Mattone Giallo-Be-YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Antico Restauro Rosato-Pa (2)-INDOOR

C-HM-Antico Restauro Rosato-Pa-INDOOR (2)-Palmucci

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Millennium Classica-Co-INDOOR

C-HM-Millennium Classica-Co-INDOOR-Cotto Antiqua


C-HM-Mielato-Co-INDOOR-Cotto Antiqua

C-HM-Nero Etrusco-Su (4)-INDOOR

C-HM-Nero Etrusco-Su (4)-INDOOR-Sugaroni

C-HM-Classic collection - Aged Antique Pink-Ba (1)-INDOOR

C-HM-Classic collection - Aged Antique Pink-Ba (1)-INDOOR-Bartoccini


Made by hand, the terracotta tiles with their shadowy glow providing a warm and welcoming appearance, can be laid in various patterns to enhance the visual effect to create a more spacious look. Due to the typical nuances of wood-baking and uneven surface of the tile, the floor has a natural appearance and the tile is pleasant to touch. Various finishes will provide the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor, but either way these natural terracotta floors last a lifetime and are suitable for interior and exterior floors. The tiles have a high resistance to wear, to changes of temperature and provide considerable thermal comfort. Sandblasted and baked at 1000C for 30 hours, the tiles are guaranteed slip-resistant, frost and stain resistant and water repellent. 

The majority of our terracotta tiles are available in various sizes, finishes to provide the desired roughness or smoothness of the floor and colours (dough mixes red – rosa(to) and yellow – giallo); other colours such as black (nero) and white (bianco) are also available. 

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Mediceo-Ma (2)-INDOOR-Manetti

C-HM-Antico Restauro Chiaro Stonalizzato-Pa-INDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Varicoloured Variegato 3Colori-Po (1)-INDOOR-Polirone

A selection of the finest antique floors and replicates of historic floors from medieval times can be found in our range of handmade terracotta floors as well.

C-HM-Composizioni Fiorentini-Ma-INDOOR (2)-Manetti


To provide for large projects such as pavements, floors and stairs for parks and public places, a wide range of machine made terracotta tiles is available. These tiles have a high wear-and-tear resistance, a deep and permanent protection against efflorescence and high level of absorbency of the surface. Applicable for outdoor application.

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (1)-INDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (2)-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Arrotato da Crudo-Ma (2)-INDOOR-Manetti


Ancient Italian marble being used in a most fashionable way, applicable for all sorts of interior elements such as floors and walls, stairs, kitchen tops and sinks and even tables, this patented mix 'Molite', consisting of a mix of 80% pure marble, converts any space to wonderfully stylish living environments.

Marble Molite-Co (5)-Cotto Antiqua

Marble Molite-Co (31)-Cotto Antiqua

Marble Molite-Co (30)-Cotto Antiqua