Stunned each and every time when coming across a genuine natural terracotta floor, it comes to mind that there is nothing plain about ‘plain’ cotto. 

Every tile, although all even in size, seem to have a uniqueness about it as it presents itself in the awesome unity of a professionally laid floor. As the production processes of ‘plain’ cotto by itself are relatively simple; the clay is moulded by hand into wooden moulds, left to dry for a couple of days and then baked, there is nothing ‘plain’ in the dedication needed to produce ‘the right’ terracotta tile

Careful and dedicated attention in mixing the right amounts of selected clays, in hand filling the moulds, in the drying process with regards to temperature, humidity, ventilation and air circulation, the stacking and stoking of the wood burned furnaces and finally the application of the finish which has a lasting effect on the colour and appearance of the floor; all of these aspects are the result of generations of craftsmanship of our Italian producers. 

Other than differentiating between red or yellow terracotta and the wonderfully decorated Variegato floor tiles created by using various dough mixes in different colours -which are called Impasti- there is nothing plain about our natural red and yellow cotto. Plain and simple.