Ceramic tiles all have the same thickness through their factory production. The preparation of the floor for the laying of ceramic tiles therefore covers 'only' by gluing a flat surface to the same thickness, on which the tiles are then placed evenly along a predetermined tension wire using interlocking knots. The changing use of tiles from different boxes (to prevent the occurrence of undesirable areas of color) and of the level are some tips that can help you in laying a floor like this. Ceramic tiles are often easier to lay by manually sliding them into the glue instead of tapping them with a rubber mallet.

Floor of hand made terracotta tiles If you have purchased a hand made terracotta floor, the installation instruction is a completely different story. Where ceramic tiles are made of cement, the terracotta tile is made of clay, a natural and naturally porous material that absorbs liquids when it is applied 'raw' to the glue layer. For this reason, terracotta tiles must be washed with water before laying and special flexible adhesive must be used. Pretreatment of the tile with a wax product and the use of a grout that meets special requirements prevents the tile from being damaged by the grout.

Cleaning, impregnating and waxing For cleaning the cement film, cleaning with water is generally sufficient. More difficult removable stains can be treated with specific products on the market for that purpose. It is advisable to have the floor pre-impregnated with oil by the manufacturer, as a result of which no liquid stains, such as wine, can pull into the tile. If desired, the oil can be provided with a coloring agent to give the natural color of the floor more 'depth'. Optionally, the floor can be post-treated with a wax product.

Differences in tile thickness Handmade terracotta tiles differ in thickness. Collecting the thicknesses with a glue spreader of the right size is a prerequisite for evenly laying the floor at the right height.

No risk Although laying a tiled floor seems simpler than it is, especially when it comes to a terracotta tile floor, the only risk-free option is to have the installation done by an experienced tiler.