The artisans of Gusmano Manetti and Figli produce the classic jars for the vinification with the   technique of "founded work", inspired and quite similar to that of "colombino" or "lucignolo". But what makes these jars even more special is the uniqueness of clay; in the Chianti Classico terroir the abundant presence of Galestro gives the terracotta special chromatic and cold resistance characteristics. Among the natural components that compose it, calcium salts and carbonates, give the product characteristics of permeability and porosity that are particularly important for terracotta containers.  

All these characteristics combined with the antioxidant action and the high thermal capacity make terracotta jars of Gusmano Manetti and Figli, an ideal tool for the production of great wines. Famous for centuries for its’ quality wines, the hand picked grapes from the Conca ’d Oro region in Panzano are the basis of the Fontodi wines from the Manetti family. Fontodi has belonged to Manetti, who are also a renowned cotto producing fornace and one of our selected producers of hand and machine made terracotta, since 1968. The combination of high altitude, soil composition ,the warm and dry climate and Manetti’s expertise of vinification all culminate in these fantastic wines! 

The wine jars produced entirely by hand in Fornaci Manetti Gusmano & Figli rest on the solid experience of eight generations in the production of high quality handmade terracotta and terracottas. The experience, combined with the passion for the  wine world of the Manetti family, since 1968 known for the production of  great wines in the Chianti area in the company of Fontodi, has allowed to  start this project aimed at qualitative excellence for winemaking, always faithful to the absolute respect of the ancient tradition of Impruneta. 

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