When it comes to terracotta, we are on top

Representing some 20 carefully selected Italian fornaces, a wide range of terracotta for renovation, restoration and new constructions is at your hands to enhance your designs. Always on top of new product developments and innovations we offer:


Our Italian producers have perfected the traditional ways of producing terracotta that date back to early medieval times.

We are dedicated to contributing in the architectural and designing process by presentation of our designs, applications and samples. All our products are suitable for in and outdoor application and meet the required standards.

Certification and information on installation and maintenance of our products are part of our delivery criteria.

The basis of our product

The basis of the hand crafted terracotta product is wood-fired clay from our kilns's own quarries. The clay is shaped by hand or moulded into wooden or stone moulds and decorated by hand according to traditional techniques that have been perfected over the centuriesHaving dried for a couple of days the product is cooked in wood fired ovens at 1080° C. 

The striking shade variations that are typical for terracotta is due to the stacking of the tiles and pottery; the lower parts of the oven where the fire touches the product, are hotter than the upper parts and contain less oxygen which has a lasting and beautifying effect on the terracotta product. 

As a result of the hand made processing and using wood for the cooking process, the terracotta tile has  light colour nuances so that every tile has its own original appearance.

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